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BizFilings Reviews and Company Information

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Average Product Score: 3.4 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 20 (Click Here to read BizFilings reviews now)

BizFilings has been in business since 1996, and claim to have filed over 150,000 corporation, LLC, and nonprofits (As of August 2006). The company is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, but has satellite offices around the country.

They have partnered with such large companies as Office Depot, Intuit, and Yahoo! Small Business to offer their incorporation services through several channels. Impressive relationships such as these speak for themselves!

If you have experience with BizFilings, please enter a review so that we might have a better insight into the customer experience provided by the company.

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 trusted and reliable, 1/25/2011 5:24:40 PM
Reviewer: Kenneth Wilson from Los Angeles, CA USA
I've been using them for 10 years now. I've used them to incorporate 5 different companies.

Prices are cheap and service is good.

Use an AMEX card if you have one, you get an adidtional discount on your statement

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 Incredible customer service!, 9/25/2009 1:56:44 PM
Reviewer: Kevin P. from Peoria, IL
A friend of mine recommended BizFilings because she had used them twice with great results. I called them up and formed with them in Illinois and they were awesome to work with. There was a minor delay with my filing - but only because the name I wanted to file with was already filed by someone else. (And here I thought I was being so clever and original.) I needed a few days to think of something new.

I was contacted when my name was officially approved, and contacted again when my filing articles were being sent to me. Then, to my absolute amazement, they called me a few weeks after the filing to make sure I received everything I was expecting and to see if I had questions. My only question was... why can't all companies provide service like this?

I hope my company lasts forever, but if I have to file again, I know who I will use. BizFilings!!!!

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 Great service for a great price!, 1/12/2009 10:21:55 PM
Reviewer: Matthew from Granger, IN
I used Biz Filings to form my LLC and they did it for much less than my attorney had quoted me. Their customer service is outstanding. I was able to call and speak with a customer service representative, and also was able to chat with someone through their website. Both times they answered all of my questions.

I will definitely use them whenever I need services related to my company. It is also nice that they are serving as my registered agent company. They have already sent me information on upcoming requirements for my LLC.

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 More Than Satisfied Repeat Customer, 1/4/2009 8:48:04 PM
Reviewer: Amy from Denver, CO
Each and every time I have formed a company (3 times now) I have used BizFilings. They have always exceeded my expectations in their knowledge, customer service and above all pricing.

The first time I used BizFilings I was new to the process and needed a lot of hand holding. They held my hand throughout the process until my company was filed. They even help remind me when I have taxes due with their compliance calendar.

After using them the 1st time, I did not hesitate to use BizFilings again. They answer their phone, they have a knowledgeable customer service team and they deliver what they promise each and every time. BizFilings is the best deal when starting a new company.

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 Incredible Service, 1/2/2009 11:18:52 AM
Reviewer: Proud Business Owner from Clinton, Iowa
Contrary to some of the reviews listed, I found BizFilings Inc. to be one of the most helpful services in the Internet community. When my online incompotence prevented me from grasping the full power of, their intricate and delicious web interface, I was able to call their customer service number. I was connected immediately, and spoke with Dan M. who not only taught me a thing or two about their online form, but also guided me to a successful incorporation. I was given tips and hints that helped me determine the type of incorporation that best suited my needs, which made the service feel very personalized. Dan remains a close correspondant often following up on any small add-ons I request.

Without BizFilings and their trusty customer service team, and people like Dan, my small business dreams would never have materialized. Today, they serve as my registered agent in 3 states, and handle all of my business needs. I whole-heartedly reccommend BizFilings, far above and beyond any other online incorporation service. So to them, I say thank you and God bless you!!

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 Awesome Service, Fast, Affordable, 1/2/2009 11:15:13 AM
Reviewer: Becky from CA
BizFilings was amazing! As a first-time small business owner, their website was so helpful in assisting me with choosing the best state to form in and the company type that would be most suitable. They offered exactly the services that I needed to not only form my business quickly, but also to get started. I only needed to call their customer care dept once and they were so helpful and kind. For an online company, I was expecting very fact, I had called LegalZoom, a competitor, and when I finally got through to someone, they had to transfer me, but the

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 BizFilings is AWESOME!!, 1/2/2009 11:13:24 AM
Reviewer: Nichole from Kentucky
I had such a wonderful experience with BizFilings. They went above and beyond my expectations. They not only filed my articles with the Kentucky Secretary of State, they also complied with the County Filing as well - which I wasn't even aware of. They offer a status center that I can login and I even tried the LIVE CHAT, which really works!
BizFilings really took care of me and when I received all my completed documents, I called with some questions. They walked me though exactaly what need to be returned to their office and how to keep my company in compliance with the state though their BizComply service.
These guys are great and I recommend them to everyone!

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 SO HELPFUL!, 1/2/2009 11:10:14 AM
Reviewer: Kim from San Francisco, CA
I am a first time business owner and was completely intimidated with the task of incorporating my company. I did an online search and found BizFilings. They were ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! They made the process seamless for me. Any questions I had throughout the process were answered by their staff in a friendly and professional manor. The staff is very knowledgeable/helpful. I was able to track my order on the website and use the live chat function when I had questions. I received my filed documents within a week! I was very impressed with their service and I would recommend BizFilings to all business owners.

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 Prompt Customer Service, 1/2/2009 11:06:53 AM
Reviewer: Anonymous from Johnstown, PA
I was very satisfied with the prompt and courteous service I received while incorporating my business. I had been working as a sole proprietor and decided to incorporate my business. The staff at BizFilings answered my emails/calls immediately and was a big help (especially having never done this before!). It was very easy to use BizFilings and I would definitely recommend them to others looking to incorporate.

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 BizFilings made me a very satisfied customer, 1/2/2009 10:40:12 AM
Reviewer: Kara in Waltham from Waltham, MA
I used BizFilings to form an llc in Massachusetts. The website provided lots of useful tools to help me understand the legal requirements of an llc. The incorporation process was really easy. I used the online chat and then called the person I was chatting with - they are not in India but they are a real customer service staff in Madison, WI. The customer service person was extra helpful and explained how the whole process would work. I received my completed documents from BizFilings in less than a week and I have been using their BizComply tool to keep track of my upcoming compliance requirements. I plan to qualify my business in New Hampshire and I am going to call them to place that order.

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 We would definitely recommend Business Filings, 7/2/2004 5:55:05 PM
Reviewer: Christian Bauer from No location given
We chose Business Filings as a result of frustration with the quality of service we received from another incorporation service provider. Business Filings offered us fast, detailed, and responsive service with the formation of our LLC. Their customer service team answered any questions we had regarding our formation order. We were very pleased that no matter which customer service representative we spoke with, he or she was able to answer any questions about our order, instead of pushing us off to the person we originally placed the order through. We would definitely recommend Business Filings.

Review end

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 Complacency perhaps?, 9/14/2009 5:22:16 PM
Reviewer: R- from CO USA
We have had a bad experience with Bizfilings. A link for auto adviser was sent to our company stating 'time to file' important paperwork. Link took us to a list of Bizfilings secure client list showing personal info. The Customer service dept. assured us that this doesn't occur normally (later revealed that 28 or so clients has same experience). Our concern was for security of OUR records as a company- how safe? Standards assurances offered. Bizfilings sent out a cert. of good standing on our behalf- cost $120! We have office staff who routinely request file for $10.! In these tight economic times, consider doing filing in house. The Customer service 1 to 10- 1 being worst- they merit a 4. These CSR's are bored it seems and have the manners of a fast food server.

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 Don't expect help, 8/31/2006 9:31:09 AM
Reviewer: Anonymous from San Jose, CA
Using the Internet, I thoroughly researched the process of incorporating. I visited all the incorporation sites listed here and compared products and prices. When I didn't understand something, I searched the Internet for it. I learned all about common states to incorporate in (Delaware, Nevada), foreign qualification, EINs, stock ledgers and company seals.

My incorporation with BizFilings went fine.

I e mailed one question to BizFilings which was answered promptly but wrong. Some research on the Internet revealed the correct answer. I agree with previous posters: if you know what you're doing, choose BizFilings. If not, don't expect any quality help from them.

BizComply, the online calendar and alert manger to help you keep your corporation in compliance, seems ok, so far. I don't know how good or bad it is but I suggest caution about relying on it too heavily.

BizFilings documents, such as suggested Bylaws, came with my order and they are ok. I reviewed the Bylaws and made some simple changes, after doing more research. Their documents seem like the same stuff that you'll find on a book or CD named something like

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 Terrible Service, 2/7/2012 11:35:17 AM
Reviewer: Marcus from Minnesota
took 3 weeks for them to get the form to me fore a dissolution. Got the address from them and mailed them back after a month they said they still hadn't recieved them. after contacting someone from thier support department they said somone else would be emailing me the form next week. never recieved the form, never heard back from that employee. Even if this were a free service it would not be work the money.

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 Registered Agent scam, 1/30/2012 11:43:58 AM
Reviewer: Anonymous from Florida
In their sign up process, BizFilings doesn't give you a choice of registered agents. You are forced to accept their registered agent service free for six months. What they don't tell you is that after six months, if you don't pay to continue their services, you'll have to pay the state to change registered agent. BizFilings will gladly provide that change service for you...FOR $95 PLUS STATE FEES.

There's no telling what other little scams they have hiding in their services but I won't be finding out. I have severed my relationship with BizFilings.

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 Bizscam filings, 7/7/2011 5:08:14 PM
Reviewer: Warren Taylor from United States
I have been dealing with Bizfilings for a number of years to file my Corporate papers (LLC) for my company. This year they got my money 5 days before the same filing,I do every year. This year they claimed they did not get it for 20days after the date.When confronted by the Bank records they then said they got it 5 days late. The Bank showed they got it 4.25.2011 and cashed the check 5.4.2011. So they then wanted my company to pay a late fee of 400.00 more dollars.I said no and requested a refund late May. A number of Emails back and forth with Heather Huston and AJ each time hearing a different reason. Why my refund was not sent. 1st it was to be sent on May 30th,2011,then they said they had to reissue the check (1st check never showed up ??). That was June 21st the check was suppose to be leaving their offices.
I know the mail is slow but 15 days,I don't think so. At this point I am ready to report them to the BBB and the the WI Attorney General's office for fraudulent actions,and attempting not to refund an amount paid to them. I would never use these people again for anything. If you do you are fooling yourself,they do not do business on the up and up. You will just get the run-around.

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 I dont like them, 2/22/2011 9:14:57 PM
Reviewer: badethics from LA
They messed up my LLC. That is all. Oooh looky, I can do the same thing!

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 A BIG SCAM!!!!!!, 5/1/2007 8:13:13 PM
Reviewer: Nicole White from TEXAS
Bizfilings has one of the most unknowledgable sales staff I have ever had the misfortune of doing business with.

They offer you a whole bunch of exspensive extras that you can do for youself cheaper or just plain uneccessary. For example :
$25.00 name check ( you can do it be yourself FREE)
$35.00 uninformative and unecessary dvd
conveniently by biz filings
$80.00 Kit and Seal that retails for only $15.00
elsewhere on the web.
$75.00 Unimpressive Business application package
that looks like it was put together bu 12 yr. olds

And after all that you still have to file 3 other apllications yourself. And get this, Biz filings can't help. Their sales staff are completely clueless as to these processes and can offer no help at all.

Bizfilings is a joke and I recommend that consumers search else where to form your corporation or LLC. If you care about your company trust it to someone who also cares are is competent. Biz Filings is NOT!! It's a scam

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 NOT for first time users, 4/4/2005 6:14:48 PM
Reviewer: Dan S. from Los Angeles, CA
I used Business Filings to form an LLC to cover an apartment building I purchased. Having never formed any type of company before, their website led me to believe that I could use their service instead of a local lawyer to set up my LLC.
I was very wrong.
If you have already set up a LLC using a lawyer, and have a thorough and complete understanding of the entire process, then will probably be a fine choice. However in my experience, I do NOT recommend using them for those with no prior experience in setting up an LLC. While they present their services as a legal firm who can handle all your questions, in reality they CANNOT give legal advice about the formation of the LLC or how to complete documents!!! The support staff were very helpful courteous in tracking my order's progress, but repeatedly told me they cannot advise me in how to complete the forms they were filing for me. Compared to other online sites, they may be one of the best, but in the end, I ha

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 Jimmy, 8/16/2004 11:21:41 PM
Reviewer: Anonymous from San Jose
I thought that Business Filings would help me creating my corporation... boy was I wrong!!! Their customer service was horrible.. I was never given an answer about my order. First it was my fault, then the state, then the place that makes the kits. I will never ever use them.

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