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File Your Name Change Online. The price is low and lawyer free.

Ordering a name change on the web has become easier than ever. If you are getting a divorce or are just dissatisfied with your existing name, there are simple online services that help you get a legal name change at lawyer free prices.

Get a name change, legal name change, or social security name change online

A legal name change, or social security name change is a two step process. Your name is your legal identity. In the court's eyes, changing your name is really changing your legal identity.

If you want to change your name outside of marriage or adoption, you must petition the court. The court's role is to make sure you are changing your name for a valid reason.

The Legalzoom name change process is quick and easy. You fill out a simple questionnaire, and Legalzoom ensures that all questions will be answered to the court's satisfaction. Unlike do-it-yourself kits or forms, LegalZoom is a complete service - you can rest assured your documents will be prepared correctly.

Once the court approves your petition, you now have the necessary proof you have legally changed your name to update all of your vital records like a drivers license, passport, social security card, bank records or employment records.

To get a social security name change, you must first obtain a legal name change, and then send the paperwork to the social security office, to obtain a new card.

Sites that offer Name Changes

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Name Change Lawyers

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Name Change Forms

Legal Name Change Form
... Business Affairs NCF July 2002 Legal Name Change Form (Please send completed form
and attachment to the Payroll Office, Oregon Hall) Declaration: ...

Page 1. NAME CHANGE FORM University of South Alabama College of Medicine Office
of Student Records 1005 Medical Sciences Building Mobile, Alabama 36688-0002 ...

Policyholder Name Address Change Form
American Modern Insurance Group Policyholder Name or Address Change Form,
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Legal Docs : Legal Name Change Form - Legally Change Your Name
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you to prepare custom legal documents and legal forms directly online. ...

Name Change Form
In order to change your name on official State Bar records, please complete a name
change form and return it to the State Bar. ... Print out the Name Change form. ...

... ADDRESS/NAME CHANGE FORM INSTRUCTIONS Use this form to report a change in your address
and/or name. ... Address/Name Change Form, Page 1 of 2, Rev. 01/05 Page 2. ...

Forms, Name Change Forms & Requirements Please note: These forms are meant to be
a rough guideline for proceeding with a name change application. ...

Intel Supplier Name Change Form
Intel Supplier Name Change Form. ... An updated W-9 Form must accompany this form. If
your address has changed, please submit an Intel Name Change Form. ...

How to Buy It: Name Change Form -
... How to Buy It: Name Change Form. Are you wondering where you can buy it: Cheap name
change form, high quality name change form, free name change form? ...

Name: _____
... In order to effect a name change, you will need to complete the attached Name Change
Form and provide acceptable documentation that shows your new name. ...

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"I used this site to find LegalZoom for long awaited Name Change. Not changing my name after marriage affected my relationship much more than I expected. Once my Name Change was complete, my husband and I were on great terms again."

Katrina Masterson
Sacramento, CA


"I was the victim of credit card fraud. Changing my name was the only option. After coming to LegalSpring I found LegalZoom who helped me establish my new identity. "

Jared Kinnatoha
Cheyenne, Wyoming

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